From a linage scattered through various towns and islands of the Mediterranean, Ayda Bihter Pekin Gur was raised in the Aegean coast of Izmir. Coming from globe trotter parents, Ayda was always interested in different cultures which led her to study Spanish Literature in university. In search of various disciplines to express herself, Ayda then went on to study fine arts where she developed an interest in jewelry design. In pursuit of her new found passion, she studied jewelry design in Le Arti Orafe in Florence and produced some of Turkey’s freshest designs under her brand Aida Pekin since 2000, winning various awards of design competitions and projects including De Beers, Swarovski, Maison Mode Mediterranee, World Gold Council, Ganjam, and her designs were chosen for several museum stores including MoMa New York, Istanbul Modern Museum. Culminating all walks of her life, Ayda restarted painting after she moved to Barcelona in 2016 where she still lives with her husband and two kids.



Ayda is interested in exploring the realm of imagination, dreams and storytelling that goes beyond our actual memories. She aims to take a screenshot of emotions and visions that each of us add to our memories, past experiences and family stories. Ayda is inspired by these moments in time that could have been but never were, if not for our imagination.

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