Aida Pekin Gur
Aida Pekin is a jewelry design brand founded in 2005 who creates timeless designs with a touch of a romantic era. Each collection reflects fine, delicate lines embracing the curves of a woman's body and perfection in little details. All jewelry designed exclusively by Bihter Ayda Pekin Gur, is hand crafted by the able artisans in the magical Grand Bazaar always with a focus in quality and longevity.

Bihter Ayda Pekin Gur
After studying Spanish Literature she found her passion in design. Born in Izmir, following her jewelry production studies in Istanbul and her jewellery design education in Florence, Italy in the heart of gold smithing, she settled in Barcelona with her two kids, husband and her dog. Creating contemporary and minimalist designs with her passion for travelling, art and nature, her jewellery is inspired by life and the people around her.